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At Warm Roofs Direct, we take pride in the countless amazing and elegant home improvement projects we have designed, built, and completed throughout Taunton and the South West over the years. Our excellent and astounding online gallery features a selection of this diverse work.

Whether you are an interested visitor or simply a prospective client looking to transform your living space, we hope that you find the much-needed inspiration and ideas for your next project as you journey into the world of our stunning home improvement examples.

Scroll down to discover more conservatory roof examples, garden room examples, home extension examples, and choose the area of your choice. Please, click on each image to expand and enjoy a better viewing experience.

We recommend that you visit here occasionally as this page is continually updated to reflect and display our latest completed projects. Welcome and thank you.

Prefrabricated Building Systems

Home Extension

Our home extension projects are built to last and are capable of standing the test of time. Browse our finished project examples to choose from a vast range of designs to inspire you for your own home improvement work. If, however, you love any of these mind-blowing examples, you can take a screenshot or save it to your scrapbook to further help you make an informed decision.

Guardian Warm Roof

Conservatory Roof Replacement

Behind every superb Guardian Warm Roof, stands a professional home improvement specialist that went every step of the way to deliver a head-turning result. All the conservatory roof replacement examples shown below were all equipped with old, tired, and low-efficiency roofs. Our team of experts performed their makeover magic to deliver truly appealing, fully-functional, and highly efficient brand new roofing systems. Take a look below…

home improvement ideas

Solstice Rooflight

These beautiful and exciting Solstice Skylight examples are focused on bringing you closer to experiencing the true definition of home transformation. Our Solstice Skylight system oozes with luxury, thus mixing elegance, impact, and flexibility to deliver solidly built living spaces. You just cannot have enough of this exquisite gallery!

a huge range of options

VELUX windows

Whether you are looking at building a new conservatory or planning to replace your existing conservatory roof with a modern roof window, our VELUX conservatory roof examples will seamlessly guide you through the various designs and furnish you with remarkable replacement ideas. Take a tour of our gallery and experience the VELUX difference!
conservatory roof replacement

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We understand that there’s a broad range of products to choose from, but it’s not always easy deciding on that ideal design to create. Should you choose an orangery or a conservatory? Glass roof or tiled? Contemporary design or a classic look? Nevertheless, as ever, Warm Roofs Direct has home improvement ideas to help. Let our fascinating gallery guide you to make a perfect choice.

Do any of these home improvement ideas catch your fancy? Perhaps, you would love to learn more about a particular product, design, or service? Just great! Do not hesitate to reach out to our team here at Warm Roofs Direct or request a conservatory roof replacement quote today.


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