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Let the light in with an Innovative Roof Window from Warm Roofs Direct

Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns provide the perfect solution for flat roof windows for modern home extensions. If you are looking for stunning centerpiece ideas for your living space or workplace, roof lanterns will never run out of fashion. A Roof lantern from Warm Roof Direct will provide you with an architectural piece that is positioned to add plenty of light and visual appeal to any interior.

Not only do roof globes capture natural light from different angles, but they also provide an ingenious solution for adding extra height to your interior resulting in a living space that feels much larger than it is. When observed from the outside, the roof lantern’s glazing bars and active blue glass provide impressive views – creating an elevated effect which dazzles with prestige. And the natural flow of sunlight creates a window of opportunity for you to bath in Vitamin D.

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Game-Changer for Natural Home Lighting in Taunton, UK

Roof Globes and Lanterns

Warm Roofs Direct Flat Roof globes and lanterns allow light to beam into your interiors, combining a stunning modern appearance with totally outstanding performance. Essentially designed to bring a contemporary style to your home, our roof windows and globes provide excellent thermal functionality to help you reduce energy bills.

It doesn’t end here; these Roof Windows deliver best-in-class architectural refinement that’s expected of a premium lantern system. Whether you are replacing an existing flat roof window or building a new kitchen extension, Warm Roofs Direct will help you redefine your space, creating light abundant and airy interiors for you to enjoy.

Rectangle and Square

Types of Roof Lanterns

The most popular roof windows are often rectangular or square. They are designed to sit atop the roof of your property like a dazzling crown. Each roof lantern is bespoke and constructed from the finest aluminium and glazing systems available today, they remain the first-choice option for anyone wanting to add a feel of luxury and wealth to their property. What’s more? Roof Globes offer unique vantage points that offer rich views of the outdoors.

Flat Roof Skylights

Types of Roof Windows

As an excellent flat roof design option for home extensions, conservatories, garden rooms, and other rooms, flat roof skylights are modern editions of roof lanterns. They come in three different creative designs – flat, curved, and dome windows. Incorporating security to prevent exterior access and pre-fitted with rain sensor technology, automatically closing the skylight in the event of rain.
rectangular roof lanter
Roof globe lantern

Roof Lanterns Aren’t as Expensive as They Seem

How Much Do Roof Windows Cost?

True to its reputation as one that adds luxury to any space, a roof globe or lantern is not as costly as people often think. Amazingly, they provide an affordable design option to install as a perfect centerpiece for a new home extension. Contact us today to request a quote, and we will tailor a solution to meets your needs and budget.

Long-lasting and Durable

Fully Installed

Known for structural integrity with thermal efficiency. Our skylight and roof lantern systems are built to last. Warm Roofs Direct install market-leading flat roof window systems featuring environmentally friendly materials and glazing options. Our roof lantern solutions will not only withstand the intolerant British summer sun. But also, the harsh winter weather without suffering from rust, rot, or blistering.
Energy efficient roof lanter

Why Choose Our Roof Lantern Systems?

Who says roof windows aren’t energy-efficient? All our roof lantern systems are fitted with the latest glazing technologies that are specially designed to reflect sunlight during summer and enhance warmth in winter.
Since roof windows, roof globes, and skylights are positioned far beyond reaching distances, we understand how challenging they are to clean. That is why we recommend our self-cleaning glass technologies to save stress and cleaning cost.
If you’re thinking of adding beauty and value to make your property more desirable to buyers, or you just wish to upgrade your home, roof lanterns are a great option to consider. Not only do they add plenty of visual appeal to the interiors of any building, but the architectural designs are something to behold from the outside.
conservatory roof replacement

Affordable Roof Window Solutions for Flat Roof Extensions or Garden Rooms

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At Warm Roofs Direct, our roof lantern systems make a lot of difference. Ranging from skylights to roof lanterns, and roof globes, we provide the most sophisticated installation solutions throughout Taunton and the wider South West. Our high-performance roof lantern systems are installed complete with guaranteed quality, durability, and energy efficiency – all at the same time.

No roof lantern project is too challenging for our surveyors to design, install, or replicate.

Let’s work together to bring your dream space to life with our elegant roof lanterns, roof globes, and contemporary flat roof windows. Contact us today at 01823 740 024 to request a quote or speak to us about your bespoke design options!


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