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Foundation Systems

If you take a quick scan through the list of potentially expensive home repairs, you will quickly discover that foundation problems are number 1 on the list. Minor damage to the foundation can quickly become a significant threat to not only the whole building but a more substantial threat to all its occupants.

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A solid foundation is essential for all buildings. Many structures have crumbled under poorly built foundations, claiming a lot of lives and properties. And the regulatory bodies in the industry keep raising the bar higher for home improvement projects.

When you decide to start your project with Warm Roofs Direct; you save time, effort, and money. Our foundation specialists can help you deliver your dream structure easily and quickly, our foundation systems include:

  • Traditional Foundation & Footings
  • Concrete Foundation
  • Structural Ground Screws
  • Steel Frame Foundation

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Save Time, Effort, & Money


Do you have a new foundation construction project in mind? Or are you looking for the ideal contractor you can trust with your money and safety? Warm Roofs Direct is your first choice! From start to finish, we give every foundation project the attention it deserves, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We are reliable and no project is too difficult for our installers to handle.

There are different types of foundation systems to consider if you’re looking to start a new building project. It is advisable to know your option(s) to best suit your soil type and project before going ahead with the construction.

guarantees reinforced support and strength

Traditional Foundation & Footings

Traditional foundation systems are best suited for building structures in locations that are prone to cold weather conditions. Because extreme ice can make ordinary concrete foundations crack, traditional foundation systems rely on planting a T-shaped footing deep into the ground (beyond the frost lines) before erecting the walls.

This guarantees reinforced support and strength. And once the foundation is allowed to dry, the walls will then be built on the foundation. Our installers can excavate and lay your traditional foundations and footings to suit your requirements. Contact us now!

Concrete Slab Foundation

provide added foundation strength

Slab Foundation

Best suited for soil-based areas, slab foundations are made of concrete slabs – about 4 inches to 6 inches thick in the middle with its edges as thick as 24inches. Slab foundations are reinforced with post-tension cables or steel rods to provide added foundation strength for the intended structure.

Our specialist installers will install a slab foundation for your new foundation project. Our team will work with your requirements to recommend the best option for your structure and deliver an exceptional end product at a competitive price. Don’t trust amateurs with your safety, talk to Warm Roofs Direct now!

Exceptional Strength and Cost-Effectiveness

Structural Ground Screw Foundation

Gone are the days when concrete foundation systems are the most sought-after option for erecting buildings. Screw piles and helical piles are now making waves in the construction industry because of their exceptional strength and cost-effectiveness.

Similar to how screws are driven into wooden structures, the screw piles are a deep foundation system that is driven into the ground to provide a solid support for the intended construction.

Ground screws are the preferred solution for building new foundations — whether it is hard or soft ground. This modern solution is ideal for a number of structures, including; home extensions, garden rooms, orangeries, conservatories, garden step, new fences, and more.

The highly-trained and approved installers at Warm Roofs Direct are experts at installing Structural Ground Screws. Get in contact with us and let’s make your big idea a reality.

conservatory roof replacement
Concrete Slab Foundation

Prefabricated to Your Custom Specifications

Steel Frame Foundation

A Steel Frame Foundation system corrects the many issues associated with building a modern structural base. This solution is a simple upgrade over the traditional foundation or concrete foundation. The Steel Frame Foundation is prefabricated to your custom specifications to ensure you get a perfect fit for your project. The steel frames provide a sturdy permanent base for your build.

The Steel Frame Foundation is quick to install when compared to conventional systems such as Traditional Foundation & Footings or a Concrete Pad. Significantly, our Steel Frame Foundation system is pre-approved with local authority building control for use with garden rooms, conservatories, orangeries, home extensions, and much more.

The Key Benefits of Steel Frame Foundation:

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • No drains to or manhole movement needed
  • Provides a safer, firmer, and stronger foundation
  • Straightforward installation
  • Cleaner — no hassle, no mess, less excavation
  • Cost-effective and available
  • Long-lasting and highly durable

Join our happy customers and take advantage of our Steel Frame Foundation system for your upcoming project. Warm Roofs Direct supply and install your new foundation and take away all the fuss so the main build can commence as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Our Foundation Systems?

There’s more to foundation projects than what meets the eye. It requires experience, precision, ground testing, and attention to detail to deliver the best foundation systems for erecting buildings. Our expert surveyors will help you discover the best foundation systems for your project.
At Warm Roofs Direct, we work with an in-house team of building professionals who are capable of delivering unrivaled quality results. Our experienced surveyors know how best to combine creativity with technical expertise and precision to ensure the success of your foundation construction project.
If you’re either working on a tight deadline or space, we know how best to deliver what meets your needs. No matter what the requirement of your project, we have sophisticated technologies, equipment, and the right expertise to get your project done quickly and sustainably. Our drilling tools do not wreck damage to your lawn; neither does it tear up your tarmac or garden.
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