Guardian Warm Roof

A Long-lasting & Highly Efficient Roof Conversion Solution

Guardian Warm Roof

When the summer sun is burning hot and the winter is icy cold, home is the number one place that comes to mind. Everyone likes to take refuge in the shelter of their homes whenever there is extreme weather. Unfortunately, not all homes are equipped with a Guardian Warm Roof system for guaranteed-best all year round living spaces.

The main reasons homeowners choose a Guardian Warm Roof:

  • To find an attractive, reliable, and high-quality warm roof to replace your old polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof.
  • You want to reignite some spark into your existing conservatory and turn it into an all year round living space, better and more beautiful than before.

Every Guardian Warm Roof is bespoke and made to specification to ensure it fits your conservatory perfectly, providing powerful protection while looking incredibly captivating. At Warm Roofs Direct, we expertly transform various types of conservatories including Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-To, Gable End, P Shaped, T Shaped, and many more.

A South West based Home Extension Partner

Where we install:

  • Taunton
  • Bridgwater
  • Somerset
  • Minehead
  • Devon
  • Exeter
  • Weston-Super-Mare
  • Dorset
  • Wiltshire
  • Gloucestershire
  • Hampshire
  • and beyond…

A Guardian Warm Roof will Transform Your Space Into

a Comfort Zone

For most people, the problem is the same. They fancy the idea of holing up in their conservatory, but the primary issue is that it is either too hot or too cold for comfort. Perhaps the noise from outside still finds a way to filter into the conservatory.

If this is your situation, your conservatory roof is the most likely culprit. Now, the solution is simple – after a detailed inspection of your roof, we can replace your worn-out conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof from Warm Roofs Direct!

The Guardian Warm Roof is a market-leading conservatory solid roof that is widely used by homeowners across Britain. This conservatory roof type is known to be the most insulated, configurable, and structurally robust tiled roof system available. When it comes to reliability, functionality, performance, and thermal efficiency, no other roof choice comes close.

Innovative Efficiency & Performance

Tiled Roof Conservatory

Whenever you wish to make your conservatory whatever you want it to be; a special, stunning, and superior conservatory solid roof from Warm Roofs Direct won’t disappoint. Featuring a vaulted ceiling to help enhance the bright and spacious feel that these solid roofs offer

The benefits of working with Warm Roofs Direct to install a new Guardian Warm Roof for your conservatory:

  • Solid roof system engineered and thoroughly tested to meet all building regulations
  • Save huge money on heating and cooling costs
  • Enhances the aesthetics and adds significant value to your home
  • Extends your living, working & entertaining space
  • Excellently transforms a conservatory into a home extension

The Guardian Warm Roof is made of high-grade structural aluminium and thermally efficient insulation that have been tested and are trusted to last a lifetime. Come rain, come sunshine, Guardian Warm Roof provides enhanced thermal qualities and sound-proof functions needed to transform your space into a fully-protected comfort zone.

Thermally Insulated Guardian Warm Roof

A Innovative Solid Roof System

Conservatory Roof Replacement

At Warm Roof Direct, we can help you replace your tired, old, and energy inefficient conservatory roof with something stylish, sustainable, and efficient. Not only do we supply Guardian Warm Roof throughout Taunton and the South West. We also know how best to help homeowners select the right finishes to achieve perfection.

Our complete installation process requires just three to five days, give or take. And you can rest assured that our Team Guardian approved installers will deliver precision and service excellence with minimal disruption to your home. Every home improvement solution we offer is designed to focus on you and your property alone.

The Guardian Warm Roof is the Ideal Choice

Existing & New Build

Regardless of your existing conservatory roof design, the Guardian Warm Roof system is highly customisable and adaptable to suit your needs. At Warm Roofs Direct, we possess the right tools and expertise to replicate the Edwardian Classic Sunroom shape, Gable-ended designs, lean-to, Victorian roof style, and a host of other bespoke roof designs.

Tested, Trusted & LABC certified

The Guardian Warm Roof is tested, trusted, LABC certified, and LABSS approved to deliver sustainable roof replacement solutions that are in line with set standards and industry’s best practices. If it’s not genuine and approved — count us out!

Unparalleled Guarantee

With all the boxes ticked, we can guarantee that our Guardian Warm Roof installations regulate the temperature — thereby keeping your living space warm in winter and cool in summer – just as you want it. All our conservatory solid roof products come with a 10-year guarantee.

Completed Guardian Warm Roof with VELUX Window
conservatory roof replacement

Non-stop Year-Round Luxury Comfort

Unlock your new living space

With your comfort and protection in mind, the Guardian Warm Roof is ingeniously engineered to adapt to any weather — thus, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter for all-year-round safety and enjoyment thanks to its advanced thermal technology.

Ideal for remodeling projects, conservatory roof replacement, or brand new home extensions, the Guardian Warm Roof will give you a comfortable, fully-functional, and luxury everyday living space to entertain, work, and relax in.

Budget-Friendly Proven Solution

For a revolutionary, insulated conservatory solid roof system that comes with a lightweight aluminium frame, ventilation, and thermal efficiency, the Guardian Warm Roof System is an affordable solutions when compared to a traditional home extension. And yet, our warm roof solutions are energy-efficient enough to help you save costs on heating and cooling.

conservatory roof replacement

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